Booking software is one of the most important factors in executing a collaborative direct booking and third-party booking strategy.

New software is an investment that some executives are hesitant to make, but it can mean the difference between a well-organized strategic success and a complicated procedural failure.

For example, online booking software such as TableRes can connect to multiple third-party platforms and manage direct bookings. Bookings, no matter where they come from, are absorbed into one place.

 Ultimately, booking software should accomplish five key tasks:

1. Absorb bookings including direct and third-party into a single platform
2. Manage inventory distribution
3. Present special offers based on customers’ past behavior
4. Integrate with existing loyalty and rewards programs
5. Deliver real-time reports and data analysis

The battle between direct bookings and third-party sites is no battle at all, as all bookings ultimately benefit your business. Hoteliers must differentiate the benefits of each and then create a strategy that includes smart technology and clear communication to lower distribution costs and boost your bottom line.

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